Vanish Water Dissolvable Filament 1.75 mm

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Vanish Water Dissolvable Filament 1.75 mm free

Vanish Water Dissolvable Filament 1.75 mm

20 in stock


Vanish is water dissolvable filament produced to the very highest standards by our team of engineers and 3D printing experts. It is the ideal solution for your support structures.

With Vanish, you can easily print intricate models with moving parts or gravity-defying overhangs and not worry about carving your object to remove the supports. All you have to do is place your prints under cold tap water and watch the supports disappear! Vanish is made of completely biodegradable materials, so you can safely pour it down the sink once dissolved.



Vanish is suitable for printing in most FDM Printers such as Makerbot  and Flashforge . It works well with PLA .

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Packaging and Storage

Vanish needs to be kept dry so each reel is enclosed in a specifically designed, thick resealable bag with silica gel to absorb moisture. We recommend that you always store your reel in the bag when not in use. Don't  let Vanish rest in the nozzle of your printer as it can degrade and cause clogging.

Dimensions and Weights

Vanish is 1.75 mm in diameter and it is supplied in 500m reels. Vanish is less dense than standard materials, thus you get more filament with the standard reel (e.g. 1kg reel of PLA is 460 meters).


    * To achieve best results with Vanish, head over to the Vanish website and follow the instructions on our settings page.  We have a web page with screenshots, a video and a downloadable pdf with a model you can get started with.