How we make our filament:

  • Quality raw material made by NatureWorks, the world’s leading manufacturer of PLA
  • Thoroughly dried using a desiccant air dryer to prevent air bubbles
  • Low tolerance (0.05mm) to make it easy to print with

What’s more, our production staff care and take pride in their work and want to make you the best filament they can!

Technical Details

You can download our MSDS and TDS for more information but here are the highlights:

  • Extruder temperature: 190 and 220°C
  • Platform temperature: 50° - 60°C

What is PLA

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a good material to start 3D printing with because it is easily handled by 3D printers.  It cools quickly, thus decreasing the likelihood of the object becoming warped.  It operates at temperatures between 190 and 220 °C. Colours may vary slightly from the colours shown in the pictures.

Our PLA is made by NatureWorks, an American company known for its innovation and quality.  We never use recycled materials, since they can be harder to print with.

 Packaging & Storage

Each reel of PLA  1.75mm Elefilament is enclosed in a bag with silica gel to absorb moisture and normally sent to you in a thick plastic bag. Orders for larger quantities are sent in a box. As moisture can affect the quality of the filament, we recommend you store your reel in the bag with the gel when not in use.

Dimensions & Weight

  • 75Kg reel – Reel Diameter: 200 mm; Hole Diameter: 57 mm; Reel Height: 55 mm; Net Weight: 0.750Kg
  • 1Kg reel - Reel Diameter: 250 mm; Hole Diameter: 38 mm; Reel Height: 40 mm; Net Weight: 1Kg