How do they work?

Elefilament Refills fit on to the Masterspool.  Just unscrew the 2 halves, insert the 3D printing refill and tighten it up. Line up the cable ties with the slots in the Masterspool.  Undo the re-usable cable ties.

Use the reel as normal.  When you want to change colour, simply replace the colour on to the spool.  To do this, re-tie the cable ties, unscrew the 2 halves and lift the filament off the spool. 


How do I get my masterspool

At the moment you can download and print your own at thingiverse - or from Myminifactory .  We have adapted the design for small beds - - this one has an improved screw (we found the screw in the original design could sometimes become jammed). 

Printing your own spool means you can use up all the odds and ends of material you have since you won't really mind what colour.  The more multi-coloured the better, we say!

Thanks to Richard at Rep Rap for his design - a true hero of the modern age.

Why should I use a masterspool?

The main advantages are cost and reduced waste.  The cost of the reel is about 40p, so we can remove this element during manufacture. 

You are also being kinder to the environment by reducing waste.  You will no longer have an empty spool to deal with.

You will have an extra item - 3 cable ties.  These are re-useable so keep them when your spool is finished and see what else you can keep tidy with them. 

 Buy your Masterspool Refill Now!

We recommend you only use a similar design to the original ones linked to above.  We have tried many variations available on Thingiverse with poor results.  In particular, the ones with "spokes" instead of solid sides caused the reels to un-ravel.


We have changed our packaging - we loved the foil bags which were thick and liked by our customers.  We received some feedback suggesting they were becoming damaged during the shipping.  We are therefore phasing out this packaging and using smaller bags and boxes to ship goods.  This will hopefully ensure your product arrives in tip-top condition.

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