Use our Instant 3D Quote service below to see how much 3D Printing services could cost. 


Meet Boxi - he's programmed to estimate the cost of 3D printing your object.  He can be a bit quirky, so scroll down for a fuller explanation of how he works.  He's great for giving you a rough idea!

If you prefer a human, please click "Request a Quote" to upload your files and someone should be in touch within a working day.  You can upload photos or sketches if you would like to use our CAD service.  Provide as much information as you can.

You can x-close the login box but Boxi needs an email address for your quote.  Don't worry, we will never misuse any information you provide - we hate spam, too.  SCROLL DOWN!

Instant 3D Quotes do not always work!


Boxi can go a bit crazy sometimes!  It is worth knowing that his estimation might not be 100% accurate and the final price you pay could be more or less.  He's good with small and medium sized parts but tends to over-estimate large parts.  If we need to change the price you have paid, we will let you know before we start.  We will issue a partial refund if we have over-estimated the price - or issue a new invoice if we under-estimate it.

If you are having difficulty with the Instant Quote, here are some common things to look out for.

You can use the Advanced Filters for more options such as layer height.  Scroll down for information about the material you have selected.

instant 3d quote crazy boxi

Price makes no sense!

Boxi sometimes assumes too much!  In this case, the £12.22 is for 0.1mm layer height and the £11.88 is for 0.2mm layer height.  To correct this, click on the arrow button next to "Show Basic Filters" and choose "Show Advanced Filters".  You should now be able to choose more options and the quote will make sense.

I need it sooner than the date shown!

If you click on the date, more options will appear.  We can sometimes expedite orders for an additional cost and the additional cost will be shown.  In the case below, there is no such service.  We aim to have most parts made within 2 - 3 working days for FDM.  Other processes and materials can take longer.  Boxi chooses a random date to show you.  Don't worry if you do not choose a date - we will make the parts as soon as we can.

I can only see the top of the calendar

The scroll bar is as low as it will go and the calendar is obscured.  This is because you have not selected a material.  When you do, information about that material appears below the line, allowing you to scroll down the screen.

How Much !!!! Really?!

If your quote seems too high or too low, it is always best to upload the file(s) to us for a "human" quote.