Let's support the NHS during Covid-19 We are all in this together - stay safe and well.

This page will be used to communicate our efforts. You will also find our FREE DOWNLOADS of useful 3D Prints that we have developed in response to this emergency. We are encouraging individuals to use their 3D Printing resources to help by printing much needed medical equipment. In order to reduce production costs, we are introducing a 15% discount to those printing for the NHS over this period. (Use Covid19 discount code at checkout).

Face Shields

As COVID-19 accelerates, health care institutions require equipment to help prevent the spread of the disease from potentially infectious patients to healthcare professionals.

A serious shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) has arisen as demand for these items increases.

Over the past several days our engineers have been working closely with clinical professionals to design our own clinical face shield.

We are currently in the process of printing, assembling and donating these face shields to NHS institutions in the UK and we encourage our community to use this design to aid their communities during this crisis.


Our Face Shield

This Visor was designed in consultation with our local Hospital Clinicians. The advantages of this design over what they are using at present are:

  • More robust
  • Re usable if sterilised using chemicals see data sheet.
  • Unique clinch and pin design holds face shield secure to frame
  • Clean design reduces snagging on clinicians hats and other articles of equipment worn on the head
  • quick to produce in 3D printers
  • Uses standard 140 - 200 micron A4 clear PVC stationary binder sheets for the shield
  • Binder sheets inexpensive and bought from any stationary store or Amazon
  • standard 4 or 2 stationary hole punches can be used to make holes in the PVC sheets see drawing for spacing
  • Shield easily attached to frame by push on design no clips are protruding parts
  • Two sizes available to print but larger one will fit all with use of a rubber band at the back (holes included for attachment)


Visor Frame material is PLA. We manufacture this but any PLA would be suitable.  You can purchase filament 

Visor shield is A4 clear PVC stationary binders from any stationary shop or Amazon.  They require 4 holes (see drawing) - these can be made with a standard stationary 2 or 4 hope punch.


Machine settings

The machines we used were Creality 10 mechanics with modified control circuit- 32 bit boards running marlin 2 and V6 Volcano heads, 0.4 nozzle 90mm/s but any printer could make it.

Our settings are - 230 C hotend temp 0% infill 3 shells no supports, run time approx 1 hr30, approx 35 gram print also See enclosed factory settings for Mk7 for simplify.

We have included files which will run at 32 mins but using a 0.8 nozzle in vase mode see factory setting from simplify. The small pins that hold the shield in place do not print out as well with a 0.8 nozzle but they still work even if they look a bit rough.

NB the Mk8 files are to help people with smaller printers I have split the the model up for you.



The face shield is not a replacement for professional protective equipment and should be worn in combination with a surgical mask or respirator.



 An article on disinfecting face shields can be found here. Our PLA can be used with NHS standard disinfectant ACTICHLOR PLUS TABLETS.



It is important that if you are planning on sending these face shields to a GP or Hospital that you check with them before hand and only print using safe materials.

Door Openers

Protect your staff from spreading infection with door openers, allowing them to use their arm to operate the handle.

Easy to fit on to existing door handles, available in a variety of designs, supplied with or without fixing screws.

These openers help to reduce the number of times staff or customers touch door handles with bare hands.  They are currently in use in Hairmyers Hospital, NHS Lanarkshire.



Antibacterial ABS 3D printer filament is created using antimicrobial technology.

It has been scientifically proven that this antimicrobial material will provide lasting and effective protection against 99.99% of harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses.

Antimicrobial and anti bacterial protection is integrated into this 3D printing material during the manufacturing process. This provides lasting protection from microbes and bacteria. 

Available in 1.75 & 2.85 mm