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If you need 3D printing services in Glasgow, perhaps we can help. Although we are in East Kilbride, we offer 3D printing, CAD and 3D scanning throughout Scotland and the UK.

We can make objects in a range of materials, including plastics and metals.   We also offer CAD services if you need your part to be drawn or we can scan your object (scanning is not always the best option).

Upload your  .stl, .stp or .obj file for a quote or scroll down to find out more.


Not sure where to start with 3D printing?

Do you need something repaired, have a great idea for a new product or just wonder if it can be done, but don't know anything about 3D printing?  Watch our video below to get you started then scroll down for more information.

Need something copied?

Perhaps you need to fix a household gadget or know what part you need but cannot find it anywhere.  We've all been there and are loath to buy a new one when there is nothing much wrong with the old one.   You can use our 3D printing services to create a digital file (CAD).  We charge £50 plus VAT per hour for CAD work.  How much will depend on your job.  But just knowing that might be enough to answer the question, "is it worth 3D printing it or should I get a new one?"  To obtain a quote for CAD work and 3D printing, send us a photo or sketch along with approximate size and any material preference.

Email or use our Upload your File facility (which can take most formats).

Already have a design?

We can give you a quote for our 3D printing services.  You can upload your files here  Our engineers have an in-depth knowledge of materials and manufacture techniques.

3D Printing in Glasgow

Seen something on Thingiverse, Cults3D or Myminifactory? Or perhaps your 3D printer does not have the ability to make something.  Send us your .stl files or a link to where it can be downloaded and we'll give you a competitive quote.

Things to be aware of

  • Please only send one part per .stl file.
  • If you have a complicated model you have seen on Thingiverse consisting of multiple pieces, note that each piece could cost between £5 and £20 plus VAT each.  If your model has 20 parts, you might find it will cost £120 or more.  If this has already blown your budget and you are a hobbyist, why not buy your own 3D printer?
  • Our default quotes are for prints using PLA material, FDM printing method, with 20% infill and 200 micron layer height.  Some models will not suit these settings and we will adapt this specification as required.  Please let us know if you need a different specification.
  • We usually respond within 1 working day.

There are many ways in which you can help you if you need our 3D printing services.

We like seeing our customers face to face, we respectfully ask you not to visit us without first arranging your visit as we will not always have staff available to deal with your enquiry.  We're only in East Kilbride but you might save yourself a trip if you call us first!

Examples of our Work

Shower Door Handles

3d printing services in Glasgow door handles

Our customer was a council who needs to maintain shower cubicles in council properties.  They were unable to obtain spare handles so asked if we could help.  We could!

The Duke of Wellington

3d printing services in Glasgow duke of wellington

The Social, a famous pub in Glasgow, developed a shot stand using the iconic statue of the Duke of Wellington.  We helped with the statue!

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Exhibition

3d printing services in Glasgow charles reneie mackintosh willow exhibition

The refurbished Willow Tea Room in Glasgow wished us to produce some 3D models and some plates which were stuck on the walls.  We were happy to help.

Ideas for 3D Printing