Here at 3D Print Works, the world of 3D Printing excites us!  We know there are people out there who are just as enthused as us and we want to share our passion. 

We've been making plastics for over 20 years and decided to make our own 3D printing filament in 2015 by adapting processes we already understood.  It was a good business fit. Even better, we get to meet and interact with others in the industry.

What is particularly exciting is it is so new and dynamic.  It changes all the time and our job is to keep up.  We have a range of filaments - Vanish, our water dissolvable and we are bringing out some anti-bacterial PLA.  We experiment with colour - see our Elefilament Vibrant and Sparkle ranges.

We like experimenting with materials.  We can bring together our knowledge of polymers, our manufacture capability, our engineering expertise and our 3D printers to provide you with a truly unique service.  We can even match a specific colour for you, unique to your brand or product.

Here is a video showing part of the process - the bit we call the cat's cradle.  It expands and contracts so that manufacture does not stop even if there is an interruption in production. 

Who are we?

Here we are at the first ever 3D Print Works Grand Prix aka The Christmas Day Out in December 2017. Many of us were very competitive, some of us were first timers and some of us were like "Driving Miss Daisy".

A great time was had by all followed by a late lunch at Spice in East Kilbride.  We have had other Christmas Lunches but all were much tamer than this.  We missed Christmas Lunch in 2020 and 2021!

3D Print Works is a subsidiary of   Safeglass (Europe) Limited, a family owned business based in East Kilbride, Scotland.  We have developed a range of materials for our flagship product, Safeglass.  This award winning product is a special safety glass used for “break the glass” devices mainly within the transport industry.

Our in-house engineers have expertise in designing products using their knowledge of how polymers really work!  We can manipulate molecules to behave in different ways.  Sometimes in unexpected ways!  But always with the customer in mind – our goal is to make 3D printing more user-friendly and exciting for you.