What Will You Make with Metallic 3D FIlament in 2015?

A brand new metallic 3d filament is being developed for FDM 3D printers by 3D Print Works.

While quality 3D printers such as Markerbot, Flashforge  and Ultimaker  are conducive to producing well-made products, the development of brand new types of filament is essential to the growth of the 3D printing industry. We hope that the introduction of metallic 3d filament will make a significant contribution!

That is why our primary focus is on manufacturing new types of filament that appeal to the 3D printing market. We have observed the creation of filament materials such as wood, nylon and dissolvable filament. We have also created our own brand, Elefilament.

And in early 2015 we will launch Viking filament! This metallic 3d filament will simulate the appearance of steel. It will also be compatible with FDM printers that accept 1.75 and 3mm filament.

Our Viking filament trademark logo was inspired by Nordic objects like the metal-made Viking helmet. Did you know that the original Viking did not have horns on his helmet? Having horns would definitely have prevented a quick getaway once lodged in your opponent’s shield!

We certainly discover some fascinating facts during the filament making process…

So what objects could you make with metallic 3d filament? The material will be so multifarious that we envision Viking filament appealing to everyone.  Jewellery makers, artists, chefs, mechanics…

As 3D printers increase in size and become suitable for significant use within the aerospace and automotive industries, it is likely that the demand for metallic 3d filament will become vital within the industry.

If you could 3D print one item made of silver what would it be? Let us know using #vikingfilament on Twitter!

Finally if you have any questions about Viking filament please do not hesitate to get in touch.