We Celebrate the Opening of the Commonwealth Games with 3D Printed Running Shoes!

Isn’t the detail fantastic?

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games launch today – and we’re launching a pair of our own 3D running shoes to celebrate! We have champions such as Mo Farah and Usain Bolt in our midst as the Athletics kick off this Friday.

For the duration of the games we will be making 3D figures related to some of the 17 sports taking place over the course of the fortnight. At the moment we’re just having a bit of fun, but what impact will the 3D printing industry really have on sports?

Well, the Nike Vapor Hyper Agility Cleat was launched earlier this year after Nike used 3D printers to prototype football shoes. The purpose of the cleat is to allow footballers to gain better speed and allow them to switch direction more quickly. Suitable for the likes of basketball players as well as runners, you can check out what the super lightweight future running shoe could look like here.

The most exciting development we’ve heard about so far is taking place within the swimming world. At Harvard University, researchers have created an artificial shark skin that will allow them to discover how the shark scales, also known as denticles, move through water and resist being pulled back by water resistance. Will this research pave the way for improved swimming costumes?

So, although the official Commonwealth outfits for this year very much mimic Highlanders from a past era, it looks like sporting gear could definitely be looking far more futuristic at Commonwealth Games to come.

Can you think of any other ways that 3D printing could transform the sporting sphere?