Update – Set of 3D Printed Knurled Nuts
On 1 April we posted a blog about a  3D printed knurled nut that had been designed by our team.

Well, we have an update – we have now created a set of M3, M4, M5, M6  and M8 knurled nuts.

The 3D printed part makes the small nut much easier to manipulate and hand tighten, there is no need for a tool such as a spanner. Great for those awkward to reach places.

The parts were printed on our MakerBot 2X using ABS black filament.  The MakerWare settings were set at standard resolution (0.2 micron) and no raft was necessary.  The nozzle temperature was set at 230C and the bed temperature was 110C.

Click here for your free download 3D printed knurled nut set from Thingiverse.