The Social Glasgow & The 3D Printed Duke of Wellington

Over the years 3D Printworks has been privileged to work on some truly fantastic projects for a host of superb clients. This blog is a case study of one such assignment we completed for one of Glasgow’s best and most well-known restaurant and cocktail bars: The Social Glasgow.

The Social Glasgow is a Royal Exchange Square institution. For years they have entertained Glaswegian residents and party-goers in with live music, cocktails and food. Situated in the heart of the city, just off of Buchannan Street, there is nothing more emblematic of this famous location than the iconic equestrian Duke of Wellington statue and, of course, his traffic cone cap. It therefore makes sense that this city centre bar is honouring the Duke with a shot stand dedicated to Wellington himself. Here at 3D Printworks, we are delighted to be involved in the creation of this fantastic model set to entertain Glasgow’s clubbers. 

The original statue, which stands around 100 feet from the entrance to The Social was created by Italian sculptor: Carlo Marochetti. Erected in 1844 as a tribute to the Napoleonic war hero Arthur Wellesley, the category A-listed monument stands as one of Glasgow’s most recognisable landmarks. To mark 250 years since the Duke of Wellington was born, The Social Glasgow commissioned the creation of the 10 shot stand to serve their unique new shot which is inspired by The Duke. The model is proudly placed behind the bar and stands just as he does across the street. The figure is poised as a reminder of this bars historic location in the midst of a wonderful city.

With the help of 3D-printing technology, 3D Printworks were able to make this marvelous model a reality and we are exceedingly proud of the finished product. We printed the statue using our "Bold Black" PLA 3D printer filament. The model is 28cm tall (30 if you include the cone) and features The Duke in tremendous detail. One aspect we are particularly fond of is the removable traffic cone hat which we also printed to perfectly fit the Duke’s head. The traffic cone is a synonymous with the statue at this point and in our opinion boldly embodies Glasgow’s beautiful counter-cultural sense of humor so its inclusion is a must. The cone cap can be switched out for seasonal occasions 

Another reason we are fond of the project is that the processes of creating the shot stand excellently highlight the benefits of additive manufacturing technology. As you can see from the below comparison we had some difficulties with this print before we got it perfect. One side was printed well but the other not so much. This model can be considered a prototype and its creation was imperative for manufacturing the finalised figure. 


The useful thing about 3D printing however is that we could easily identify and rectify this mistake for a fraction of the price that traditional manufacturing processes could achieve. This means that we can make mistakes, test and create prototypes without these issues translating into added costs for our client. 3D Printing is a fantastic way to create detailed models and in this case, we were able to take a culturally significant monument and scale it down without compromising on quality. Here at 3D Printworks we not only manufacture filament (link to shop) but we also offer design and printing services to make your projects a reality, if you have a business or a project that you think could benefit from our 3D printing services then please contact us and a member of our team will guide you through the processes from concept to creation.

Just as the Duke is an iconic Glaswegian landmark so too is The Social Glasgow, why not pop in and check out our work on display in one of Glasgow’s top bars?