Teacher Appreciation Week - Five Useful Prints

It is Teacher Appreciation Week and we have been reminiscing about the encouragement we have received from our favourite teachers. Truly good teachers inspire us, push us to push ourselves and more recently, take the time to learn the new technology of 3D printing. They all deserve a medal for that one!

We selected five items from open source website Thingiverse that we thought teachers may find useful in the classroom:

1)  Chalk Holder

teacher appreciation week

Are you fed up with having dried out hands after handling chalk all day?

Most teachers who have had to use chalk over an extended period will know how it wreaks havoc on your hands.

Now, this chalk holder can bear the brunt for you!

Teachers who will love this: any teacher who frequently uses chalk.

2) Parallel Line Drawing Tool

teacher appreciation week

Music teachers often replicate the staff used in sheet music. But how tedious and time consuming can it be to redraw the same thing repeatedly for different classes?

This parallel line drawing tool makes the job a lot easier! The OpenSCAD file is easily modified to change the number of lines, distance apart and accommodates any size of pen you are using too.

Teachers who will love this: Music teachers and mathemusicians!

3) Block Calendar

teacher appreciation week

Teachers know how important routine is for kids – especially primary school teachers! An alternative way to having your class tell you the date at the start of every lesson is to use this block calendar.

Aside from changing things up and looking snazzy on your desk, it also comes with Spanish and French tags for language learning. A further advantage is that some blocks have been left blank so tha students (or teachers!) can add their own personalised content.

Teachers who will love this: Primary teachers, foreign language teachers and anyone who writes the date on the board on a regular basis.

4) Cloud Types And Display Stands

teacher appreciation week

These are perfect for geography students learning cloud patterns – but they are equally suited to primary school level children identifying the weather.

These weather dice are a cool bonus item. You can select someone well behaved to shake them each day. ‘What will the weather be like tomorrow?’

Teachers who will love this: Geography teachers and primary school teachers teaching the weather.

5) The Bathtub Wine Glass Holder

teacher appreciation week
…does this one need explaining?

Teachers who will love this: Every teacher who enjoys a red, white or rose tipple!

We hope all the hard working teachers enjoy a great weekend on Teacher Appreciation Week.

If you are a teacher getting to grips with 3D printing we’d love to hear from you! What challenges are you facing? Do you need more support? Contact us on print@3d-print-works.com and tell us about it.