So You Want to Test the Resiliency of a 3D Object? Give it to an 8 Year Old!

This will be the first part in a series whereby we 3D print objects and then test them to check their resiliency when up against real life everyday conditions!

This mug printed in Flame Red ABS filament is the first 3D object to be put to the ultimate test! We have been testing the mug for six weeks, putting it through a series of trials such as living through multiple cycles of the dishwasher and repeatedly being used as the implement from which we drink our tea or coffee.

But the biggest test of all?

This mug has been primarily in the care of my colleague’s eight-year old sister Olivia for over a month! We think that if the mug can stay this pristine under those conditions we must be on to a winning combination of printable factors.

The material is fairly inert to chemicals, and tea or coffee, making it the perfect specimen for this kind of usage. In contrast, this 3D printed Safeglass sign has been under testing conditions since last November – on our engineer’s car!

What has the result been? It has faded in the sun and therefore is not the bright red colour that it was before. The reason being that oxidation occurs as the UV rays from the sun has adversely affected the car’s red pigments.

The mug is safe for now…and we are in the process of 3D printing more objects for mealtime testing. Keep an eye out for the next in the series!