Scottish 3D Printing Company Celebrates Burns Night

The 25th of January will for most be a normal Thursday evening, however for those who hail from Scotland including our 3D Printing Company, this is a day of cheer and celebration. A day where we celebrate Robert Burns, Scotland and all that we stand for. We are a Scottish based filament manufacturer and I thought I would share with you what I get up to on Burns night.

 We celebrate the famous poet Robert Burns and his Scottish roots, on his birthday which has been dubbed ‘Burn’s night’ and to mark the night the Scottish feast on Haggis, Neep’s and Tatties and recite his poetry.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Lost? Understandable, for scots this is a must on Burns night. Haggis is traditionally made from the heart, stomach or liver of a sheep. The meat is then mixed with onions, suede and oatmeal and then boiled inside the sheep’s stomach. However, as times have changed so has the recipe and off the shelf Haggis isn’t boiled inside a sheep’s stomach. This, I believe, is to make it a little more appealing. Neeps and tatties are far less gruesome and might be known to you as Turnips and Potatoes. 

In my household ‘Burn’s night is a big deal. My family hosts a Burns Supper (Dinner), where close friends and family are invited round for meal. Guests often enjoy the food, however they don’t get their supper for free. As part of my family’s tradition every guest has to choose a poem to recite. Burn’s is often the material of choice however with Auld Scots being a challenging dialect to read even for a Scottish person, poetry of all kind is welcome.

Once everyone has recited a poem the ‘address to a haggis’ takes place. What is this you ask? Well this is where the strong connection between Burns and Haggis was established. In his appreciation of haggis, Burns wrote an 8-verse poem called ‘address to a haggis’ funnily enough.  I have fond memories of my father reciting this poem with a great deal of enthusiasm and drama. Being able to remember an 8-verse poem and deliver it with conviction is no easy task, especially when it is written in Auld Scots.

Print your own Robert Burns Sculpture this week and celebrate Burns Night and the magical poetry he brought to our lives. Click HERE. We are a 3D printing company with a passion for producing high quality filament, why not print your Burns in our Snow White PLA filament?

We all have fond memories of burns night which we will continue to celebrate as proud Scot’s, we at 3D Print Works encourage you to embrace Burns night and all that goes with it. Have fantastic night.