Q&A: Danit Peleg Talks Fashion and 3D Printing

photo courtesy: www.danitpeleg.com

In 2014, Danit Peleg hit the headlines with the 3D printed fashion collection she created for her graduate project at Shenkar. The Israeli designer created every single piece of the outfits, using a desktop 3D printer. Her collection ultimately became a statement that 3D printing can go way beyond haute couture catwalks. Read our exclusive interview to find out more about Danit’s 3D printing journey and her vision for the future of 3d printed fashion.

Yoana Rachovska: What was it about 3D printing that first interested you?

Danit Peleg:  I went to Burning Man in Nevada back in 2014 and saw amazing, out of this world outfits that were made with new technologies. Someone gifted me a 3d printed necklace and I got excited about it. That’s how I decided to research 3D printing for my final year in school collection.

Yoana RachovskaWas the technology something you were exposed to at university?

Danit Peleg: Not with 3D printing. We didn’t have 3D printers when I was a student at Shenkar.

Yoana Rachovska: If I came in your studio today, what types of 3D printers would I find?

Danit Peleg: You will find the Witbox and Witbox 2 printers. It’s funny because they made a printer that’s 2x faster than their older model and they made the new printer about 6 months after they made the first one. This proves that it will only be a matter of time that we can get to print clothes much much faster.

Yoana Rachovska: Do you feel there are limitations to what clothes you can produce because certain materials have not been manufactured yet?

Danit Peleg: There are limitations, sure. First of all the size of the printer plates, second of all the time you will print the dress and the materials, they’re not made from threads. They don’t feel like fabrics yet.

Yoana RachovskaLet me put myself in your shoes for a minute. What does your creative process look like? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Danit Peleg: I take inspiration of the things that surround me, my environment so to speak. I take pictures of complex architectures and sculptures around my urban life in Tel Aviv and now when I’m travelling with my collection I’m getting new inspiration around the world.

Yoana Rachovska: How long do you think it will be before 3D printed clothing becomes mainstream?

Danit Peleg:  I think it’s only a matter of time. If the technology does improve, then yes, this could become mainstream or be the future of the fashion industry. The magnitudes are huge. There will be less shipping costs and most importantly the democratization of design means that anyone could design clothes. Beyond everything, you can print it in your home.


Yoana Rachovska:  Lastly, what is your best advice for aspiring designers who would like to experiment with 3D printing technology?

Danit Peleg: First of all, don’t be afraid of this technology. Like everything in life, if you understand it it’s simple to use. Don’t be afraid to try. There are no limitations concerning your imagination. Be creative. Share it with your friends or to the world.

All photos courtesy: www.danitpeleg.com