Presenting 3D Printing Technology at University of Glasgow

This week we had the pleasure to deliver a guest talk on 3D printing at the University of Glasgow. The marketing director and co-founder of 3D Print Works, Avril Stringer presented on the main types of 3D printing technology, current applications and future development of the technology.

The event was hosted as a part of HATII Research Seminars and gathered a diverse audience. The seminar attendees were drawn from computing science, museum studies, video games and digital media courses. This is yet another proof that 3D printing is not restricted to engineers and professional designers. It has multiple applications across disciplines and organizations. 

If you can dream it, can you 3D print it?

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3D printing is one of the fastest growing technology sectors. 3D printing adoption is quickly accelerating across disciplinary and organisational boundaries. Therefore it is essential to recognise it as a powerful educational tool, opening a wealth of exciting new opportunities. 

Seminar key points

Main Types of 3D Printing Technology

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Avril presented and discussed the use and advantages of Stereolithology (SLA), Selected Laser Sintering (SLS), PolyJet and Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM).

Current Applications and Future Prospects

We talked about applications in medicine, arts and manufacturing. We discussed the hottest topics in the industry such as 3D printing in space, printing affordable prosthesis, making cars and printing customized educational tools.

Live  Demonstration

Indisputably, the best part of a 3D printing seminar is to get your hands on a 3D printer and see how it works. We brought along a Makerbot Replicator 2X with a reel of our Elefilament and let the magic happen.

We shared our tips and tricks  on choosing the right 3D printer, according to your needs and overcome common challenges when getting started. Needless to say that our little robot was a hit!

Last but not least, we would like to thank Dr Yunhyong Kim for organising the seminar and all the people who came to hear our presentation!

Would you like to have a 3D printing workshop and presentation in your school or higher education institution, too? Don’t hesitate, contact us today.