Clean up our surroundings: One bag at a time

As it is the beginning of The Great British Spring Clean 2021, we wanted to share with you how a member of our team, Avril, embraced the role of a #LitterHero.

It's no surprise that during the national lockdowns walks and small adventures in nature became essential to our daily routines. On one such walk, Avril noticed lots of rubbish left by the road, including a mattress, which posed a risk to everyone as it was obstructing part of the road. Seeing that, she thought "I can either ignore this or do something about it!", and that she did! She returned with gloves and bags, and collected all the litter from the area, and moved the mattress away from the road. The mattress was later collected by the council and disposed of.

This event was the trigger for Avril. Since then, she has bought a litter picker, and every time she goes for a daily walk she collects a bag of rubbish. Day after day, one bag at a time, and she cleaned up the whole route of her usual walk in 2 months.

Avril is also a wild swimmer, and she has been cleaning up areas around the lakes she visits. After an incident where her foot was cut on a glass shard from a bottle thrown into the lake, her message is simple: "Do not litter, and please do not leave broken glass anywhere". The wound she suffered healed, but the damage that glass can do to wildlife is much more severe and often fatal.

So, we'd like to challenge you to become one of the #LitterHeroes just like Avril - how many bags of litter can you pick up in the next 3 weeks?

One Bag At A Time