National Smile Day & 3D Printing Making the World Happier… One Smile at a Time!

Social platforms and instant messaging means people can communicate round the clock, with these messages often overloaded with an array Emoji’s. But where did the yellow smiley face that we all know today first capture people’s imagination?! Well in 1999 Harvey Ball created the familiar yellow smile and sought to make the world a little happier. When Harvey passed in 2001 the ‘Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation’ was created to honour his legacy and sponsor National Smile Day. A project which knows no race, religion or ethnicity and is for everyone to enjoy.

To celebrate this day people were encouraged to make someone smile and bring a little more happiness into the world. Random acts of kindness can cost so little, yet be so powerful. So we at 3D Print Works want to spread the word and get people partaking in National Smile day!

So how does this relate to 3D printing? A question I asked myself several times over. One story comes to mind however of someone we met at the TCT 3D printing conference in Birmingham last week. This attendee took an interest in our Sparkle PLA filament. When I asked what he was going to use it for, he told me that his 6 year old daughter wanted a ‘Pink Unicorn’, his plan… to use our sparkle filament to create this mythical animal in all its glory. This made me smile and I’m sure she will be smiling when she gets her hands on it!

So we at 3D Print Works have challenged one another to take part in National Smile day and make someone smile on October 6TH. I plan on heading into town and seeing what opportunity I can grab to make someone smile.

Why don’t you do the same?! Lets us know what you did on Twitter