Masterspool for Small Beds

Masterspool for Small Beds means you don't lose out

Finally, a Masterspool for a small bed!

Did you, like us, scour Thingiverse for a Masterspool design which could be printed on a small bed?  We found them, tried them and found them to be wanting.  We discovered flimsy designs which talked a good game but simply failed to do the job.  They broke or the filament un-ravelled. 

What was needed was the original Richard design in all its robust glory.  But sadly, no use for small beds.  A good design for a small bed did not exist.


We wanted to design something which resembled the original because the alternatives did work.  If you are looking for a small-bed design or to reduce material – my advice is DON’T.  At least, not unless someone comes up with something as robust as ours. 


Technical Information

It was designed to be printed on a bed -127 x 148 mm. 

We wanted to make as few pieces as possible – we started with 8 but reduced it to 4.

The total print time could be around 19 hours.

It will take about 100m of material.  As has been pointed out previously, the Masterspool is a good project for using up odds and ends of material, since colour does not normally matter.

You could print the 2 smaller parts together.

This Masterspool has the same dimensions as the original Richard designed and will take a Masterspool refill from 3D Print Works.  It should work on other suppliers working to these dimensions.

Once printed and assembled, the Masterspool works the same way as any other.  The pieces will clip together and stay together. 

The 2 sides screw together and should easily come apart – we have experienced no issues with them becoming stuck. 

Sometimes the cable-tie slots do not match and you may have to unwind a few millimetres until you have removed them, then tighten it up.

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Now you CAN use Masterspool even if you have a small bed!