Household 3D Prints: The Ultimate Selection Part 1

More than a year and a half ago, when I first started learning and writing about 3D printing I was absolutely fascinated by the idea that you can turn almost every digital design into a physical object in just a couple of hours. The combination of my beginner’s enthusiasm and the unlimited access to premium quality filament resulted in piles of trinkets, Yoda heads and crazy geometric shape prints. As my knowledge of materials and software tools matured I moved onto educational 3D printing and my Robox has produced a number of cell models, skulls, and dissection kits ever since.

Two weeks ago my colleague Kathleen complained that the plastic groceries bags were hurting her hands so badly that she needed to get a special palm coated gloves to reduce the discomfort and pain when carrying her shopping. I dived into my favourite Thingiverse looking for bag holders and I have not only found the perfect solution for Kathleen’s problem but also discovered a wealth of ingenious, household 3D prints which have become my new obsession. Here is a list of the best items I have printed and tested (be sure there is more coming up soon).

#1 Tooth Paste Squeezer

I am one of those people who fly into a silent rage when someone squeezes the toothpaste tube in the middle. Plus, the anti-waste activist in me tells me that I need to use every bit of paste that I paid for. The squeezer was incredibly easy to print and all four components were ready in less than an hour. I used ABS 1.75mm because I wanted a rigid, durable item.  Mind you, the infill of my print is only 15% and the squeezer was working perfectly fine with the toothpaste tubes. I eventually started using it with tomato puree and garlic pasta tubes which are much firmer and the roller quickly broke.  I’m sure if printed with higher infill, the squeezer will work perfectly with all kinds of tubes.


#2 Phone Holder

Holding your cell phone up to your ear for a longer period of time can be very uncomfortable. Additionally, I tend to forget my phone on silent and often miss calls and other notifications. This cute cat stand holds the smartphone in portrait or landscape position making it easier to notice incoming notifications. Plus it really brightens up my workspace! If you want to get the same beautiful colour as my print, use sunny yellow Elefilament PLA.

The cat holder model is available for free.

#3 Egg Separator

This seems to be quite a simple print however, it didn’t work out for me from the first attempt. The first time I was printing the separator I decided not to use supports as I thought they were only going to slow down the print. However, the smiley hole printed so wide that the whole egg could easily slip through. I printed it again with supports and it has become one of my favourite kitchen utensils. It is so simple and yet so effective! I used flame red ABS 1.75mm and only 15% infill. So far the separator has survived the dishwasher and several drops on the kitchen floor. I think 15% is just right for this model, but if you want an extra strong item, increase the percentage.

household 3D prints, egg separator, red ABS 1.75mm

Download the model and don’t forget to add supports. 

What are the best home items you have printed? Send us your favourite model and we will print and review it!