Happy St Andrews Day – Let’s Talk DIY 3D Printing Bagpipes!

 The crucifix inspired the Saltire

On this momentous day, we are celebrating how diy 3d printing has allowed bagpiper Donald Lindsay to 3D print brand new instruments here in Scotland. However, before we launch into the interview – does everyone know exactly who Saint Andrew was and the historical role he played?

Saint Andrew was the first disciple of Christ, preaching the gospel as he travelled all around the Black Sea and Greece. Here’s the surprising bit: our patron saint never actually set foot in Scotland. He was crucified on an X-shaped cross that became the inspiration for our saltire flag!

Considering the bagpipes are our national musical instrument of choice, we are catching up with the one and only Donald Lindsay. We have been working with Donald for almost a year – you can read the first interviews here and here.

3DPW: What have you been up to since we spoke last?

DL: I’ve basically been continuing with the “Dreaming Pipes” plan, which is very near completion! In 2016, I expect to be moving beyond the project, and working out what’s next. I now have a website-based business, and during October was delighted to be invited to play the instrument I’ve developed on STV’s “The Riverside Show”.

3DPW: We know that you’ve been able to do some diy 3d printing using our filament. Tell us a bit about the recent composition competition for your chanter. Which filament are you using to print the trophies?

DL: I’m using Viking filament, of course! “Gold” for first prize, “Silver Sparkle” for second, and the as yet unnamed excellent brass-like colour for 3d!

I’m pleased to say that the competition was a great success and all that remains now is for myself and the judges to have a Christmas lunch together.

3DPW: St Andrew led a very interesting and busy life, travelling to many places throughout the world. What do you think he would have 3D printed to help him along the journey?

DL: Well, travellers had to do a lot of walking in those days, so I think 3D printed shoes would have been pretty useful to him!

3DPW: When discussing St Andrews Day in the office, unashamedly none of us could immediately pinpoint the date – and certainly none of us had any plans for it! This seems to be a trend throughout the country. Why do you think that is?

DL: Not sure – I suppose we weren’t really in the habit of marking it until recently, but it’s good to see it beginning to happen!

3DPW: What do you love most about being a performer?

DL: When the pipes are singing, and I’m flying through some tunes…can’t beat it.

You can keep an eye on the outcome of Donald’s exciting competition by following his Twitter feed here.

In the meantime, have you been diy 3d printing an object of your own? If so we would love to see it on Twitter or Instagram. Just upload a photo and tag with #3dprintworks. We look forward to it!