Five Things I Love About The Robox 3D Printer

The Robox 3D printer from Cel was launched as a kickstarter campaign less than two years ago and it’s already the most popular beginners machine on the market.

It impresses at first sight with an elegant and expensive-feeling design. Once I started printing with it, I realized that this printer has so much more to offer than just a fancy look. Here are my top five favourite things about it.

1. Heated build chamber

The Robox 3D printer comes with an enclosed heated build chamber. The chamber maintains an even temperature which is crucial for achieving a high level of accuracy and good print quality. An unstable environment can cause materials to shrink and lift off the print bed. Robox’s heated chamber significantly reduces the risk of shrinkage and distortion.

2. Special Bed Material

Lifting off the printing bed is a common issue with most desktop 3D printers and occurs with both PLA and ABS filaments. The usual solution for PLA is to cover the printing bed with a painter’s tape in order for a print to stick. Nevertheless, this doesn’t always prevent lifting, especially at the edges of models.

CEL offers a much better solution with a print bed made from polyetherimide. The Robox bed becomes sticky when it heats, so prints stick well and build on a nice, even base.

3. Filament Compatibility

CEL offer their own filament material which comes on a SmartReel. However, if you don’t like to be locked-in by a certain vendor or a product, the good news is the machine is compatible with third-party ABS and PLA filaments. I printed various models, using our own brand, Elefilament, and the Robox works perfectly with them.

4. Automatic levelling

The printer uses a proprietary mechanism which automatically levels the print bed before every print and positions the nozzles at the right height. This procedure ensures that the first layer adheres properly. I think it is a great feature that saves you from a very fiddly calibration process.

5. Stylish Design and Cool Features

Okay, when we talk about technology, functionality is what really matters. However, the Robox design is so stylish, I just can’t pass it by. The printer casing is brightly coloured and you can change the lights from purple to blue with just one click! How cool is that?

This design is nothing less than fabulous! It is small, elegant and sleek. In fact, it doesn’t take more space on your desk than an inkjet printer. The build chamber casing locks automatically so it is safer for children and pets. I find its noise level to be quite low compared to other 3D printers.


The Robox is a great choice for  3D printing enthusiasts like me! However, there is still a room for improvement in some areas. The Automaker software which controls the printer and enables you to upload and manipulate models is far from being intuitive and easy to use. It can be particularly frustrating when dealing with a filament slippage and it sometimes fails the filament ejection procedure with no evident reason.

Overall, I think the Robox 3D printer is an excellent machine with  lots of great features that definitely outnumber drawbacks. Last, but not least, it is one the most affordable models on the market so why don’t you try it yourself?