6 Cool Things to 3D Print in November

November has come, as the song goes, and with it the colder months of the year! I’ve not enjoyed wading through slushy leaves for the last few weeks, as rain has been absolutely battering Glasgow. Still, we’re another month closer to Christmas, which is what really matters. But there’s something very dull about November, usually – we’re all just going through the motions until we get to that sacred month of December. Well, hopefully these 6 cool things you can print in November will lift your spirits!

1. 3D Printed Scottish Themed Items

The eyes of the world have suddenly turned towards Glasgow, as COP26 has rumbled into town. We’re hosting delegates from all over the world, from the Amazon to the Andes to Australia. To celebrate this, why don’t you print out some Scottish-themed items to show support for climate action? And not only that – St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, has his day at the end of November! Over at Cults3D, Dany Sanchez has created two models for your printing pleasure. On the practical side, we have a Scottish flag coaster, to save your precious wood surfaces from ring marks – but if you’re more on the creative side, there’s a treat for you. Check out this brilliant highland cow! You too can have everyone’s favourite Scottish bovine living in your living room.

Cool things to 3D print november

2. 3D Printed Red Bull Can Bird Feeder

cool things to 3d print november

If you’re really getting into the recycling spirit, why not try a bit of upcycling? We featured an upcycled zombie candy dispenser on our Instagram recently, and we also love this Red Bull can bird feeder! Simply get an empty Red Bull can – or any narrow, vertical can will do – and attach the 3D printed nozzle to it. Fill the compartments with seeds, thread a bit of string through the can, and voila! You have a fully functional bird feeder without wasting any materials. You can help increasingly threatened bird species while also reducing your waste.

3. 3D Printed Coffee Capsule Dispenser

Everyone loves a good coffee in the morning. And in the afternoon. And in the evening. Maybe even at night. The point is, coffee is great tasting, and, in the right quantities and modes, good for you as well. More and more people are buying nice coffee makers to entertain guests with reliably good coffee. But where to put all the pods? You can’t just leave them in a box. Well, with this innovation you can stack your pods and organize them, so you’re not rooting through the box for your favourite flavour. Yes, this coffee capsule dispenser will have your kitchen looking tidy and your coffee pods neatly organized – what’s not to like?

cool things to 3d print november

4. 3D Printed Detergent Finisher Holder

cool things to 3d print november

“What’s this?”, I hear you cry. This cool thing does what it says on the tin – it holds your washing-up liquid so you can get as much as possible out the bottle. No more diluting your liquid with water just to get the last scraps out of the family-size Fairy liquid container. This widget holds the bottle at 180 degrees permanently, ensuring the liquid is as close to the nozzle as possible, and that you’re not participating in Mr. Universe when trying to do the dishes.

5. 3D Printed Hedgehog Planter

There’s no better symbol of autumn than the humble hedgehog. These little creatures will be heading to hibernation now as the cold weather kicks in, beneath their little piles of leaves – so be careful when out in the garden! You can celebrate these heralds of the approaching cold weather with this adorable planter from Thingiverse. This holds two small plants, and will brighten up any room. The planter is joined together, so only water your plants once – don’t risk drowning your succulents!

cool things to 3d print november

6. 3D Printed Glasses Holder


If you wear glasses, like me, they’re pretty much a constant nuisance. Where have I put them? Where are they now? Now they’re marked, where’s my glasses cloth? I need to take them off, do I put them face down or face up? It’s enough to make you get contact lenses! All of the above problems, however, can be solved by this rather wonderful creation. This glasses holder doesn’t only hold your glasses, it also serves as a piece of art in your room! Not only do you solve the problem of losing your glasses, you also give a room a bit of extra pizazz with this cool thing.

We hope you liked this list of cool things to print in November! As ever, you can get some top-quality filament to print these cool things in here – and if your printer’s on the blink or you simply don’t have one, we can print something for you here.