6 Cool Things to Print In 2021

We've been giving you cool things to print all of 2021 so far. From winter to summer, we've been giving you 6 good recommendations every month. Now we're halfway through the year! To celebrate the summer solstice, and to celebrate us finally seeing a bit of sun, here are our favourite 6 prints from the year so far. 

A Retro Computer

cool tings to 3d print 2021

We featured this retro computer back in May, in our Cool Things to Print blog of that month. You may remember the faithful Callisto II, a functional retro computer. It resembles a late 80’s/early 90’s computer, complete (or should I say replete) with no disk drive, no external floppy disk port, and no USB ports - just a keyboard and a screen. If you’re willing to give up some time, you too can have your own incredibly outdated computer. Maybe one for the more advanced 3D printer, or someone who fancies themself as something of a Jack of All Trades to do the extra electronics work required to get the Callisto II working. 

3D Periodic Table

As featured back in our April blog, this 3D periodic table makes the slog of chemistry class into something a little bit more tangible. It's not fun staring at a piece of paper to do your balancing equations: instead, there's this interactive piece of education to make the task of chemistry less painless and more fun. It takes about 760g of filament, but that's a small price to pay for what is both a useful tool and a cool desk ornament. That's why this 3D printed periodic table is on our list of cool things to print in 2021. 

cool things to 3d print in 2021

Kirby Fume Extractor

cool things to 3d print 2021

This one will always hold a special place in my heart. From our June edition of cool things to 3D print, this rather adorable Nintendo character does an important job in any workplace involving soldering. Kirby, using his trademark inhalation skills, can extract dangerous fumes from the environment around you. Obviously, that's useful for any amateur welders or those soldering out there. But it’s not just industrial danger Kirby deals with: he’s also capable in regard to mundane situations. Where your kitchen fan might fail, Kirby can faithfully pick up the slack. 

Reusable Cable Ties

They're still not rock and roll, and I still don't care. These are one of my personal favourites that we've featured, and these reusable cable ties are actually a very useful innovation. Think of how many cable ties are wasted every year, and how much plastic that puts into the sea or into the general environment. Now realise that plastic will take thousands, if not millions, of years to degenerate. These cable ties won't single-handedly save the world, but they'll definitely help out somewhere. A real contender for one of the coolest things you can 3D print ever, let alone in 2021. 

cool things to 3d print 2021

Anti-Fog Clip

cool things to 3d print 2021

We've all got used somewhat to wearing masks indoors. It's a small sacrifice to make, and, let me tell you, it's better than having COVID-19. But the one sticking point remains when you're browsing the supermarket or at the bathroom in the pub and you suddenly can't see through your glasses. No, it's not a pea-souper of a fog, it's your glasses steaming up. Again. This anti-fog clip from Thingiverse will save your sanity if you're a glasses wearer. Say goodbye to steamy glasses, and hello to a whole lot more convenience in your life. 

Card Deck Shuffler

To round off our 6 cool things to 3D print in 2021, we've got the 3D printable card deck shuffler. A game of cards is a real simple pleasure in life, but you really can have so much fun with just cards and friends. So, if you're not good at shuffling, there's no need to be excluded from this kind of enjoyment. With this 3D printable deck shuffler, the hassle of shuffling cards is completely taken away, leaving you and your pals with more time to focus on what really matters: the game of cards at hand.  

cool things to 3d print 2021

We hope you've enjoyed reading these blogs in the first half of the year, and equally hope you enjoy reading them for the next half of the year! Have you printed any of these things? Let us know on social media or in the comments. And if you're looking for filament to print these cool things with, look no further than our excellent filament, made in the UK to the highest standards!