6 Cool Things To 3D Print In June

It’s that time again! We love showing you cool things to 3D print here at 3D Print Works, and as such we’ve got a great list for you for the month of June. From a card deck shuffler to a creative use of Kirby, you’ll love these prints as we head into the summer.

Card Deck Shuffler

As things warm up a bit more and the country opens up, what’s a better Summer activity than a game of cards? You can play cards anywhere – at home with friends and family, in the park, or even at the pub. Of course, practically every card game – whist, rummy, poker, bridge – needs the cards to be shuffled at some point. And if you’re anything like me, you’re too clumsy to shuffle properly. Those fancy hand movements and maneuvers are completely beyond some of us.  Enter this 3D printed card deck shuffler on MMF by creator LarsRb! This takes the inevitable embarrassment of having someone else shuffle and deal for you when its your turn out of the equation. No more dropped cards, lost to the floor!

Small Bearings

If you’ve ever done a bit of DIY or worked on any kind of construction project, you will probably know bearings. And if you’ve come to know bearings, you’ve probably come to absolutely loathe them. Tiny, fiddly parts are easily lost, dropped between floorboards or decking, or simply just misplaced, never to be seen again. We’ve all been there. So why not print yourself a backup supply of the bothersome wee things? You can find these 3D printed bearings on Thingiverse, and due to their inherent design simplicity, they can be printed fairly easily. No moving parts, no supports, and no assembly required, and they don’t take up much filament at all (unless you’re printing loads of them). Make DIY and home construction a lot less stressful by 3D printing your own small bearings, and you’ll consider this a worthy inclusion in our list of cool things to 3D print.

GOPRO Bike Mount

As it’s June, the weather is beginning to take a turn for the better. That means one thing – more outdoor sports. And one of the most exciting outdoor sports is mountain biking. It’s an exhilarating feeling, flying across the dirt track, steering and scudding across the horizon. What could be better than that? How about the chance to relive it all over again? With this 3D-printable GoPro mount for your bike, you can strap a GoPro to your bike and relive your most exciting jumps and rides all over again. And all you need to do is fasten the mount and attach your GoPro camera. If the possibility of a hands-free camera on a mountain bike doesn’t scream ‘cool things to 3D print in June’ then I don’t know what does.

cool things to 3d print in june

Cable Tie Organiser

cool things to 3d print in june

I know this might not exactly scream ‘cool things to 3D print in June’ but bear with me here. A month ago we featured some 3D-printable cable ties in our May edition of this post. Well, if you’ve been keeping up over the two months, now you have a way to store the cable ties that you’ve been 3D printing. Sometimes it’s the less cool things that can provide the greatest convenience – just ask anyone who has invested in an office chair with back support or in warranty for a new laptop. You can find the 3D Printed cable tie organizer here on Thingiverse.

Watering Can Nozzle

What’s cooler than watering the plants? Okay, a few things. But don’t let that detract from this 3D printed watering can nozzle which makes our ‘cool things to 3D print in June’ list. Why? Well, watering the plants, while a mundane household task, is literally fostering a form of life in your garden. That’s not a task to be taken lightly, not at all. And I’m no botanist, but I’m not sure dumping water in a big dump onto your plants is something they’re going to be grateful for, or at least they won’t feel the benefit as much. But if you’re like me, you don’t have a watering can just lying around. That’s where this nozzle comes in, turning a humble plastic bottle into a watering can with a simple bit of 3D printing. A true show of how useful and transformative 3D printing can be in the context of everyday life.

cool things to 3d print june

Kirby Fume Extractor

cool things to 3d print

Everyone loves Kirby, the small pink ball from the eponymous Nintendo game series, who is a surprisingly powerful character in Super Smash Bros, as I have learned to my cost many a time. Yet you’ll love Kirby even more with this Kirby fume extractor. As cool things to 3D print in June go, what’s cooler than saving your lungs from dangerous gases and fumes? Kirby, using his trademark inhalation skills, can extract dangerous fumes from the environment around you – useful for any amateur welders or those soldering out there. But it’s not just heavy-duty danger Kirby can deal with: he’s also capable in regard to more mundane situations, such as getting the smoke out the kitchen after you’ve burned the toast (again).

If you like these but don’t have a printer, don’t sweat – we can print them for you! Just download the STL files and send them here for our 3D printing services to get a quote from us. And if you want to print them but have run out of filament – you’re in luck, because we sell 3D printer filament as well. Happy printing!