6 Cool Things To Print In September

Well, summer has finally left us behind, and we’re printing cool things in September. The leaves litter the streets, the skies get greyer, it gets dark earlier, and you’re now sharing your house with a surprising amount of spiders. What better time to print some cool stuff on your 3D printer, when we’re stuck inside more and more? So, here’s our list of 6 cool things to print in the half-summer, half-autumn of September.

1. Battery Holder

cool things print September

AAA batteries are everywhere, especially if you have kids. They power Wii remotes, electric toys, and your electric shaver. All those things holding your household together. So why lose them? We contrive to lose batteries all the time, despite how crucial they really are. Enter this battery holder, which you can print from Thingiverse. Never lose a single precious battery again, and save yourself from forking over any extra cash to that accursed Duracell rabbit. The best part? You don’t even need any supports, so it’s a relatively simple print.

2. Smartphone wind meter

As you’ll be aware if you live in the Northern hemisphere, the wind is beginning to pick up. Want to measure how strong the wind is, even if it’s just to complain about it. You can download the .STL files for this inventive addition to your phone on MyMiniFactory. All it needs is an 8mm bearing, 2 small magnets, and a headphone jack (rare as they are nowadays, some phones still have them). It’s both Apple and Android compatible, and works with an app called Vavuud. You’ll be the talk of the town with this thing on your phone!

cool things to print september

3. SD Card Toaster

cool things to print September

Speaking of things that can disappear easily, SD cards are another culprit. Vanishing down the skirting board, down the back of the couch, even into a drawer where they’re forgotten. As an amateur photographer, it’s the bane of my life too. So I’m absolutely loving this entry on our list. This toaster, courtesy of Thingiverse, doesn’t do breakfast, but does keep your SD cards snug. When the alternative is leaving them strewn about in your camera bag, it’s a real boost to have a dedicated place for SD cards – and it’s got a novelty factor about it as well!

4. iCable Guards

If you’re as clumsy as I am, you’ve definitely ruined a couple of phone or laptop chargers by standing on them, either frequently or once in boots. As well as that, Apple cables are rather infamous for wearing out and deteriorating quickly, forcing you to buy another one for upwards of £20, depending on which cable broke. Enter these cable guards, found on MyMiniFactory. You could save yourself a small fortune with these cable guards, definitely earning them a spot on this list of cool things to 3D print this month!

cool things to print September

5. Spotify Code Keyring

cool things to print September

Ever had that one song that you just want to tell everyone about, but can’t seem to get a word in about it? And of course, on the off-chance you do get to tell someone about it, you’ll doubtless have forgotten how to find the song and will end up humming it to someone who is deeply unimpressed. This particular social nightmare will be a thing of the past thanks to this Spotify code keyring, available on Thingiverse! With Spotify, you can search a song up by simply pointing your camera at the code, and you’ll be directed to that song. One of the less subtle ways to indicate your good music taste in the office, but definitely one of the more innovative.

6. Spool Tool Organiser

Ever had an empty spool you didn’t want to go to landfill, but couldn’t find a use for (Of course, this isn’t a problem with our Masterspool – more on that here)? It’s something every printer has agonized over. Well, worry no more! With this organizer, you can turn your empty spool into a useful tool to keep your house tidy! No more scattered pins, sticky notes, USB sticks or SD cards! No more shame at how cluttered your desk is – all those essential bits and bobs can be filed neatly away in this organizer.

cool things print September

We hope you've enjoyed this list and that you have a great September! If you're looking for quality, reliable filament to print these items with, click here to visit our online shop! And if you want something printed but can't manage it yourself, we can print it for you - get yourself a free quote here.