6 Cool Things To 3D Print In May

Here at 3D Print Works, we’re always looking for cool things to 3D print. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled across MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse, and we’ve been seeing some great prints. With May, here in Scotland we’re beginning to get out more as Summer rolls in, and what better way to mark the return of the sun (and not needing to turn a light on at 5PM) than with these 6 awesome prints?

Reusable Cable Ties

While not exactly screaming ‘cool things to 3D print’, these reusable cable ties are actually a very useful innovation. Nobody likes what the Germans call Kabelsalat (cable salad), when all your cables get messy and tangled under your desk. Regular cable ties, while they can solve this problem, are not exactly great for the environment, given they are made of plastic and very easily lost or thrown away. Which is where these reusable ones come in. Going green and convenience don’t need to be in opposition!

cool things to 3d print in may

Daft Punk Plant Pot

We were pretty sad recently about Daft Punk breaking up. Everyone’s favourite French techno duo split up in February of this year, sparking a massive spike in album sales. What better way, then, to remember the untimely cut-off pop stars than by turning them into plant pots? Thingiverse user angel_greenwood has immortalized the stars as plant pots, perfect for anyone looking to cultivate a few new green family members. You can download these cool things to 3D print here!

cool things to 3d print in may

Light Bulb Vase

cool things to 3d print in may

Just like cable ties, another finicky thing to dispose of is a lightbulb. Some, more modern and efficient lightbulbs, are recyclable, but the bulk of incandescent lightbulbs are non-recyclable. They also, obviously, contain glass and certain metal parts. In today’s world, where we’re trying to reduce waste, this is something of a headache. With this stand, you can do your bit to address this problem – by turning your old light bulb into a vase. While it should be said that it takes a bit of work to correctly and safely prepare the bulb itself, when you’ve done that you end up with a zero-waste vase that’s perfect for keeping plants in. Definitely worthy of being called one of our cool things to 3D print.

The Witcher towel hook

With the recent news that Netflix’s video game spinoff series The Witcher will be returning in 2021, what better way to celebrate than to turn your bathroom into a place of power? This Witcher towel hook by Thingiverse user Vladeer is a nice addition to your bathroom, and definitely deserves to be here as one of our cool things to 3D print in May. The hook is shaped like a Wolf to resemble Geralt’s medallion, which you’ll be able to see hanging around Henry Cavill’s neck sometime in the future!

cool things to 3d print in may

The Hindenburg

It’s the 84th anniversary of the Hindenburg Disaster this May, when a giant airship burst into flames while attempting to dock in New Jersey. You can commemorate this tragic event by printing out this support-free model of the doomed zeppelin thanks to MMF user Reg Taylor. While this print resembles the Hindenburg, it could really be any zeppelin or airship, and could make both a great decoration to add to your room as well as a great educational tool to illustrate the tragic events of May 6th 1937. Its utility as well as its relevance is why it makes our cool things to 3D print in May list.

cool things to 3d print in may

A Retro Computer

cool things to 3d print in may

Do you ever feel like going back? Do you ever feel like modern life, and all the tech we use, is just overwhelming? Then you’ll be glad for the last entry on this list of cool things to 3D print in May – the Callisto II, a functional retro computer. The Callisto II resembles a late 80’s/early 90’s computer, complete (or should I say replete) with no disk drive, no external floppy disk port, and no USB ports. That’s right, it’s literally just a keyboard and a screen. While some extra work remains after 3D printing – you still need to do all your own electronics and putting the parts together – if you’re willing to give up an afternoon or so you too can have your own incredibly outdated computer. We’re not going back to the future – we’re going back to the past! Just don’t expect it to run Google Chrome.

We hope you enjoy printing these in May, or indeed any time of the year you want! You can get a quote from us to print any of these great designs for you here. And if you need the filament to print them, we just happen to be selling some here.