6 Cool Things to 3D Print in December

6 Cool Things to 3D Print in December

Time to step into Christmas! It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year – so here are 6 cool things for you to 3D print this December! We hope you all have a great Christmas, or that you enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate regardless of whether it’s Christmas or not. The point is, it’s a time for joy, happiness, and togetherness, and all of us at 3D Printworks hope that you experience all of these things this holiday season. And we hope you get to 3D print some of these in your spare time this December.

1. A Christmas Reindeer

Did we remind you it’s Christmas yet? Well, in case you forgot in the less than 100 words since we last reminded you, it is. And one of the most famous symbols of the holiday season is the reindeer. Santa can’t deliver presents without his reindeer – and now you can 3D print one yourself! Unfortunately, this is only a model reindeer as opposed to the real life ones that deliver presents – but who knows what could happen with a little Christmas magic! You can find this cool thing to print this December on Thingiverse.

6 cool things to 3d print in december

2. A Christmas Tree

6 cool things to 3D print in december

Everyone loves a Christmas tree. They bring light and happiness to a home, and bring in that festive aura that we all love about this time of year. But sometimes there’s simply no room for a real tree, or even a fake one. What to do? Simply print one of these trees from MMF, designed by Slimprint, who we had the pleasure of talking to recently. A small addition to your desk or your mantlepiece, but a very impactful one in terms of when you need a mood lift – just look at the tree and count the days till Christmas.

3. The Rocktopus

Something less festive, but perhaps a bit more cool, on this list is this. Do you need a secret santa present, or a joke present for a friend of a friend who you don’t really know that well? Look no further than this extremely bizarre print – the Rocktopus. Yes, that is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s head on an octopus. And as far as we know, no, this wasn’t created by Sid from Toy Story. A great practical joke or secret santa item if left on the desk of the recipient without any explanation. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you can get the Rocktopus here.

cool things to 3d print in december

4. Super Mario Desk Ornament

If you’re going for a less…. surreal secret santa or small Christmas gift this year, then don’t worry, we’ve got one of those for you too. Everyone loves Mario, the Italian plumber who destroys blocks, defeats Bowser and rescues Peach. That’s why this Super Mario desk ornament is such a great gift. It forms a set of blocks with a pipe for you to put pens, markers, or anything you want inside. As well as that, you can glue the blocks and pipe together in any combination you like. And not only that, you can also make it light up using LED’s if you’re prepared (and qualified) to do a little extra work with electronics, since the blocks are printed hollow. You’ll be everyone’s favourite secret santa in the office this year.

5. Splashlight

We tend to create a lot of waste at Christmas. That’s the sad truth of the matter. But a great way to minimize waste at Christmas is to upcycle it, and that’s exactly what the Splashlight does! A lot of people drink more alcohol at Christmas than during other times of the year; my parents don’t drink any other time of the year apart from Christmas. So a lot of wastage is bottle waste. No more! With this ingenious design, you can turn that fancy bottle of wine or spirits – or even coca-cola if you don’t partake – into a fancy light sculpture! Of course, always be careful with electronics and liquids, and make sure there’s no drink left in the bottle you’re using.

6 cool things to 3d print in december

6. Christmas Star

6 cool things to 3d print in december

Finally, a cool thing to print this December would be a Christmas star. The pinnacle of all Christmas trees and the symbol of hope for the new year ahead, the star should remind you that good things lie ahead and be a symbol of light for you and your loved ones. Even if you haven’t got a tree, hang the star somewhere in your home and you’ll feel much happier in these cold December days. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at 3D Printworks to you!

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