6 Cool Things To Print  In August


We’re over halfway through 2021! August is here, and you know what that means – it’s the last month of summer. If, like us, you’re in the UK, make sure to get your sun in before it vanishes for the next 6 months. If you’re already sunned up, however, here are some great things to keep you indoors with your 3D printer.

Skateboarding Wheels

The Tokyo Olympics is just coming to a close as this is being written, and one event that has caught our eye is skateboarding. There’s something strange about watching skateboarding as an Olympic sport – but it looks like it’s here to stay. And it might have inspired you to dig out that old skateboard at the back of the garage which hasn’t been touched since 2010. Of course, said skateboard won’t be in good condition at all. That’s where these skateboarding wheels come in! Get back on your board with these new wheels, and who knows what will happen. We might even be seeing you at the Olympics in 4 years.

cool things print august

Headphone Stand

cool things print August

From the superhuman to the relatively mundane, we love this modern headphone stand. As we’re beginning to get back into the office, those pre-pandemic Boses or Sennheisers will be coming back into vogue. Take advantage of this time to get yourself this headphone stand, and stop annoying your partner or offending your domestic bliss by just lobbing your headphones onto the table when you get home from work. Not only is it functional, it looks sleek and clean, and even if you don’t like the colour, you can just paint it. A great addition to your everyday life!

Snowboard Binding Straps

cool things print August

To return to the sport theme, when the Paralympics are finished, we won’t have any more Olympics until the next Winter Olympics. With that in mind, why not try and take up a winter sport? Personally, I would love to get back into skiing when things re-open. On a similar note, these snowboard binding straps will keep you right if you’re hitting the slopes in the coming months.  Capable of being modified to fit your board, these straps will hopefully make taking up – or getting back into – snowboarding that little bit easier for you.

LEGO Head Planter

Plants can really make a difference to your interior design. They can turn a bare room into a cool, minimalist room. They can make you look like a responsible adult who knows how to look after living things. And they can even refresh the air in your room. What’s not to love? But importantly, you’ll want plants to look good or fit an aesthetic. That’s where this LEGO head planter comes in. This will look great against a neutral backdrop, and can liven up a room. As well as that, if you’re trying to get your kids into some responsibility through plant care, then this planter could be a great way to entice them into remembering to water and care for their green roommate.

cool things print august

Combustion engine

cool things print august

Well, sort of. This combustion engine is a model designed for educational purposes. But don’t let that put you off. If you’re a petrolhead, what better accessory for your garage than this model? And if you have a child interested in physics, they’ll love this model demonstrating the method by which the car is powered. Teachers, make physics a little bit more interesting for your poor students by getting this model involved in your lesson. Trust me: they’ll thank you.

TicTac Gun

Speaking of physics, this last entry is an able demonstration of the principle of propulsion. It just so happens that this principle is demonstrated by firing small sweets out of a gun. Yes, the TicTac gun finds a whole new use for everyone’s favourite petrol station sweet by firing them at slow speeds and short range down your throat. Your kids will definitely love this, as will your inner child. Do be careful not to choke on Tic Tacs though!

cool things print august


We hope you enjoyed this list and got some ideas for things to print this August! If you’re looking to get some new filament to print these goods then we just happen to have some great filament in right now, manufactured in the UK – and if your printer has broken down, we can even print these things for you!