It’s been a short month but lots has been happening in the 3D printing world! Here is our February round up:

1)     The First 3D Printed Art in Space

It’s true – the first ever piece of art to appear in space is 3D printed!

And the subject is very cool indeed – the 3D printed piece is a waveform of a human laugh! Over 100,000 entries were submitted through the #Laugh app with one lucky entrant being selected.

One the laugh was chosen, it was beamed to the 3D printer on board the International Space Station

We think this person has possibly won the coolest prize in history so far. What will we 3D print in space next?

2)      Makerbot Lay-Off

Since January’s round-up, there have been new developments regarding Makerbot’s future.

Rumours have been swirling that the company is up for sale, which Makerbot categorically denies. They are, however, cutting 30% of their staff, citing a need to focus on a more select number of products as the overarching reason.

We hope all of the talent in that 30% doesn’t go to waste as there are many 3D printing companies that would benefit from their expertise. Onwards and upwards!

3)      Drug-releasing filament implants

Recently the University of Greifswald have been studying the possibility of using filament to create 3D printed implants for operations like hip replacements.

The key ingredient is quinine, a medication frequently used to treat malaria. The researchers select four polymers and add the quinine to the mixture. The new solvent mixture is vaporised and cut into filament.

Given the advancements 3D printing has been making in the medical industry already, we can’t wait to see how this pans out.

4)      Hidden Figures – Thingiverse Print of the Week

The Oscars were a source of more furore than usual this week after accidentally announced the wrong movie had won Best Picture – oops!

While Hidden Figures was high on the nominations list, it was NASA physicist Katherine Johnson that was given formal recognition at the show. She is the only surviving member of the African-American trio that crossed gender and race divisions to become some of America’s greatest heroes during the early days of the space program.

We love this Hidden Figures themed lamp on Thingiverse this week – we’re going to have a go at 3D printing it so we’ll keep you updated!

What were your thoughts on our February round-up? Do you have any more to add?