3DPrintWorks and President Obama Take the Selfie to a Whole New Dimension!

Did you know President Obama recently followed in the footsteps of 3dprintworks?

Last week  a 3D bust of Barack Obama was unveiled at the White House Maker Faire after he was scanned and printed by the Smithsonian in America.

From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, the National Portrait Gallery already boasts portraits of the forty-three Presidents preceding President Obama. But the fast-paced constantly evolving nature of modern technology means that Obama is the first President with his very own 3d printed statue that will now take pride of place in the gallery.

And although the chances of seeing the world leader in person are very slim for most of us, you only have to look at quality photographs of Obama to see just how detailed and realistic the finished product is – all the way down to the mole on the left-hand side of his face!

You might remember that a member of the 3dprintworks team, Avril, had herself scanned at the 3D Print Show in London last year. She later uploaded her file on to one of our in-house printers  and like the scan done of Obama, the end result was extraordinarily lifelike! You can see and read more about Avril’s “mini me” here.

Avril’s 3D printed “mini me”

As well as following in the footsteps of 3dprintworks with his very own 3 dimensional selfie, Obama has also said that 3d printing will “revolutionise the way we make almost everything”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

So what about you? Have any of you had yourselves scanned and if so what was the result? We would love to see your photos!