3D Printing Research - Key Outcomes

Recent research by HP and A.T. Kierney looked to develop our understanding of 3D manufacturing within the world’s leading economies. The manufacturing sector accounts for $12 trillion worldwide and with 4-6 of that to be disrupted and reallocated over the next 10 years. With a focus on how it will shape the future of manufacturing worldwide. The research hopes to better prepare economies for the 3D and digital revolution. We identified some of the key outcomes within the 3D printing research.

1. As the digital industrial revolution continues, 3D printing will change the way we create, consume, develop and distribute almost everything.

2. With the increase in customization, supply chains will shorten with manufacturing being located closer to consumers.

3. Economies that fully embrace 3D technology will benefit from job creation. With a demand for highly skilled and tech-savvy workers.

4. Economies need to act now or they face being left behind by a changing global multi-billion-dollar sector.

5. Education, Adoption and Incentives need to be introduced by Governments to foster a successful 3D ecosystem.

The 3D printing research revealed the UK to be 5th amongst the world’s leading economies ready to adopt additive manufacturing technology. As a nation we need to enable 3D printing growth. This can be achieved by giving design engineers the relevant skills and training. The 3D printing research also suggests engineering programs need to further integrate ‘3D’ into their curriculums. If we are to keep up with the rapidly changing manufacturing sector this need to happen.

The 3D printing research highlights the fact that professionals are aware of 3D printing technology. However, lack understand of how to fully utilise it to create value within their businesses. Through education and government incentives the UK’s 3D printing sector can develop and evolve. Ensuring we are not left behind in this new age of the global manufacturing sector.

At 3D Print Works we hope to be part of this revolution, through continuous material development right here in the UK. With the research suggesting supply chains are getting shorter we hope link up with other UK 3D businesses to create value for our customers.