Organic September – How is 3D Printing Changing the Way We Eat Food?

We 3D printed fruit and veg to celebrate the occasion…

Organic September – the self-confessed biggest celebration of everything organic takes place this month.

Organic food is food that is grown without any artificial or synthetic fertilisers designed to make the food last longer, but with the inevitable result of eating ingredients with a much lesser nutritional value. This way of growing food is generally perceived as more environmentally and animal friendly through their farming methods.

And on that note organic food has been taking off in the 3D world as well recently. 3DPonics are offering an opportunity for people to grow their own food organically using a 3D printed hydrophonics system. As part of their strapline they ask “Tired of the rising cost of produce and the heavy use of pesticides and toxic chemicals?”

Sounds ideal for the modern farmer – or indeed anyone wishing to cultivate their own healthy food! 3Dponics say this is your opportunity to have your own organic garden where you can grow health, eco-friendly fruit and vegetables to your heart’s content. You can find all the instructions and the stl files you need to print this system here on Thingiverse.

Don’t own a 3D printer? Don’t worry, you can use 3DHubs to find a printer that is local and can print the items for you.

Eyebrows have been raised for some time concerning the health and ethical implications of supermarket food. Could 3D printing revolutionise the way we eat food and possibly even allow us to feed people in thirld world countries?