3D Printed Sculptures for St Andrews Day

To celebrate St Andrew’s day, we thought we would make some 3D printed sculptures to remember some of our notable fellow Scots.

We have many famous inventors – Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin, John Logie Beard with the television and Charles Macintosh who invented waterproof fabric. Not so well known is sir James Dewar who made us more mobile with his invention of the vacuum flask, Robert William Thomson inventor of the pneumatic tyre or even James Chalmer who invented the humble postage stamp.

We have poets, engineers and sportsman. Where would we be at New Year without Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns? Countless children and adults have been inspired and entertained by J.K Rowling and her Harry Potter novels. Not to mention two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray!

We made some 3D printed sculptures of our notable Scots for St Andrew’s Day.

Here we have the Sir Walter Scott, printed in our Snow-White PLA Elefilament. Scott contributed many publications in both poetry and literature. An innovator of his time, early in his career Scott recognized the importance of local storytellers and recorded what he heard by carving it into twigs.

This was looked down on by academics at the time who disregarded these stories believing they were not worthy of remembrance. Scott believed these stories were representative of the people of Scotland and so made it his mission to record them.

Our second 3D printed sculpture is William Wallace, one of the greatest leaders in Scottish history. Most notably he defeated the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge at the end of the 13th century. Wallace would later be appointed guardian of Scotland and is still celebrate to this day. 1995 saw the blockbuster hit ‘Braveheart’ which so many people associate with Scotland today. In my opinion a great rendition by ‘Mel Gibson’ however, its historical accuracy is altered for your viewing pleasure. Even still, a great film to watch before a Scotland Vs England sporting encounter. 😜

Last but not least we 3D printed James Young Simpson, who is the least known of our 3D printed sculptures. His contribution to the world brought a great amount of pain-relief to many. Simpson pioneered the use of chloroform as an aesthetic in medical procedures. Something which I’m sure we would all be very grateful for when visiting the dentist in 1875!

Today we celebrate the Patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew. On this day we are encouraged to embrace his philosophy of sharing and being kind to others. This celebration stands as a reminder to share with those less fortunate than ourselves and be kind to everyone.

Having being born in Scotland and grown up here, I have fond memories celebrating this fantastic day with mountains of haggis, neeps and taties there was always plenty to go around. What will you be doing today to celebrate St Andrew?

Today why don’t you embrace St Andrew’s philosophy of being kind to others and 3D print something for that special someone.

We have a wide range of PLA filaments available HERE.