3D Printed Housing - Addressing the Problem

Could 3D Printed Houses be the answer to the housing crisis that we face world-wide? Here at 3D Print Works, we have seen many concept ideas developed in recent months which look to create affordable and robust housing for those in the developing world.

Developing countries have typically seen people have limited access to housing that can withstand the adverse weather conditions they face. For years charities have created shelters made of materials like timber and corrugated iron, however these shelters are neither strong nor robust enough to last long periods of time. 3D printed housing could be the solution to this problem. Architects have the ability create models in desktop 3D printers using plastic filaments like PLA and ABS. These designs can then be scaled up and printed with larger 3D printers, which use materials like concrete.

One exciting collaboration is between a housing charity 'New Story' and a technology construction company called ICON. They have been working together to build 3D printed houses that can be assembled in 24hrs and at cost of only $4,000. This project has attracted a lot of interest on social media with the video below shared 565,000 times.

This is a fascinating project and 3D printed housing is just another application of 3D printing. One issue we take for granted is the ability to lock our doors at night and feel safe and secure in our home. This is a luxury is denied to so many people worldwide and 3D printed housing could eradicate this problem. The 3D printed structures would offer their inhabitants the ability to secure their home and feel safe at night.

ICON have released plans to build a community of 3D printed homes later this year in El Salvador. This would be a step in the right direction to addressing the global shelter crisis. For more interesting projects on how 3D printing is affecting developing nations, why not check out our blog about a 3D printing prosthetics workshop in Tanzania.