3D Printables To Transform Your Office From Boring to Bravo

There comes a time when we all get tired of working in the same room and on the same desk day in and day out. Refreshing your workspace might be just what you need to cheer you up, boost your creativity and get you excited about that pile of work, waiting for you.

Updating your office is easier and cheaper than you think; all you need is your favourite 3D printer and a reel of a high-quality filament.  Below are our favourite 3D printables that can help you brighten up your workstation.

1. Pen Holder

Chase the boredom away from your desk with this really funky pen holder with some organic touch to it. Download for free on Thingiverse

2. Desk paper organiser

Piles of paper in the office space are inevitable but don’t need to be unmanageable. Print this fresh, customizable design in your favourite colours and get organised. Available on Thingiverse.

3. Self-Watering Planter

3d printables, 3d printed plater image

Plants are the unsung heroes of every office; there are not only a nice decoration but also a source of fresh air. Some of them require so little care and yet get forgotten and die from under-watering. Make sure that the plants in your office, won’t turn into sad, crispy carcass with this self-watering planter. It’s super easy to print, use and clean! Free download from Cults.

4. USB Drive Cryptex

In the digital world, we live in, we can never be 100% sure about the security of our information. However, it doesn’t hurt to add an extra layer with the simple, but smart gadget like this lock cryptex. Very useful if you often store and carry information on a USB drive. It’s available here.

5. Cable Catcher

Chargers, headphone jacks, external devices and other loose cables have a strong tendency to form a big, tangled mess on (or behind ) your desk. Get them under control with this simple catcher model. Get it for free on Thingiverse.

In the comments below, we’d love to hear how your prints worked out and what are your favourite tricks and tips for refreshing your workspace!