3D Print Works Goes To TCT 3Sixty

TCT 3Sixty is the UK's biggest showcase of additive manufacturing & 3D printing technology. Companies from all over the world and the UK gather to exhibit their products and engage with others interested in the field. It took place between 28-30 September 2021 in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Thousands registered their interest to attend and approximately 100 companies signed up as exhibitors! We decided to join the fun as visitors.


It was incredible to be reunited with the community and acquaint ourselves with the newest technological developments in our industry. In this blog post I'll walk you through some of the things we saw and grabbed our attention. We were at TCT 3Sixty just for its second day, but we still managed to explore the whole show and had lots of fun!


We enjoyed seeing E3D's stand and having a chat with some of their staff members. It was exciting to see 3D printing in action, which we filmed. The special thing about this process is that the printer self-cleans when switching between filament colours. That way, you get a beautiful multi-coloured print without any colour residue spoiling the finished product.


We were also excited to see a whole display of prints made by our friend Filament Frenzy! He's reviewed our range of filaments before and we're glad that our PLA and colours are approved by him!

3D Print Works Goes To TCT 3Sixty

Print by Filament Frenzy, exhibited at the E3D stand at TCT 3Sixty. Design by Clockspring 3D.


Another interesting meeting for us was at the REPLICOAT stand - not only did we have a lovely and in-depth conversation with the team, we were also able to take photos with their massive 3D printed Incredible Hulk! 

Their Incredible Hulk is made from over 120 parts, and weighs in at over 100 kilograms! That's about 16 stone! Their Hulk has certainly earned the 'Incredible' part, just like the original Marvel character. We were told the printing process took about 5000 hours, which is an unbelievable 203 days! Safe to say they are probably hard at work already on their piece for next year's show.

3D Print Works Goes To TCT 3Sixty
3D Print Works Goes To TCT 3Sixty

3D Print Works team members with the Incredible Hulk made by REPLICOAT Norfolk.

It would be impossible to share everything we experienced at TCT 3Sixty as there was just so much interesting and new things to see. What we enjoyed most is being able to have meaningful conversations with others in the 3D printing industry. After the year we've had, it was just wonderful to see people again and to be able to wander through the show, be inquisitive and chat to others about their work!

We had such a good time, we are ready for the next show - it will be held in June 2022, so we know we'll be back before we know it!