3D Pen Art

We spoke with Barbara Taylor-Harris a 3D Pen Art creator and Author to find out more about her 3D creations. Having developed a keen interest in her sculpture designs over recent months, we sent her some of our PLA Elefilament Filament to try out. Sharing her designs via Instagram (@bbarbarartist), Barbara looks to bridge the gap between ‘doodling’ with a 3D Pen and creating actual Art. We asked her some questions to find out more.

When did you first started taking an interest in 3D Pen Art?

Right from the beginning. My husband saw it in a ‘techie’ article in his newspaper and thought it might interest me for my art work. So, I purchased an original very fat 3Doodler pen and began experimenting. Since then I have bought and used many different pens.

When did you decide this was something to could share with others?

At first, I found it difficult to build sculptures so added embellishments to my mixed media paintings. Gradually through trial and error I succeeded in building sculptures.

Who encouraged you to start sharing your 3D Pen Art with the world and what channels did you start to use?

Ed Tyson, CEO of Rigid Ink always took an interest in my work and shared my work to inspire others. He invited me to take some sculptures to show on his TCT stand at the NEC and invited me to the show. This open ended up a whole new world. My work attracted lots of attention and during the event I met two Chinese 3D pen companies and continue to collaborate with them both. Esun CEO, Kevin Yhang and international Sales Rhongsheng Zhang visited my studio and gave me excellent advice about establishing a brand and promoting my products. They asked me to write a small curriculum to teach 3D pen and put me in contact with a collaborator of theirs in Hong Kong. Yee Ping at 3D Inno organised two amazing teaching tours of China for me to share some of my ideas and techniques with children, students, and teachers. Meanwhile regular collaboration and support from Simon, CEO of a YouSu 3D involved me in trialling pens and filaments, providing design support and feedback. In January they invited me to demonstrate their pens and filament at CES in Las Vegas, which was an incredible experience.

What type of filaments do you use in your 3D Pen?

I use all kinds of filament, and especially enjoy using speciality filaments.

You’ve recently released a book, what does this book aim to do?

The book aims to do exactly what it says in the title! Go Beyond a Doodling, Make 3D Pen Art. It provides information on pens, filament and getting started. Then it teaches my 3D pen techniques and skills. There are 19 different techniques taught through 38 3D Pen Art projects.

Where can you purchase your book and at what price?

My book is listed on Amazon UK and Europe and also on eBay. Best price is through them at £29.99 including UK postage. 3D mate will shortly be listing for me on Amazon USA.

For someone new looking to get into 3D pen Art, what 3D Pen would you suggest?

This is really difficult... there are over 200 3D pens on the market and new ones being regularly launched. I suggest people look at what they want to do and which filaments they will use. Then it’s a question of trial and error or reading and searching reviews. I cover the types of pens in my book.

Below are some of the fantastic 3D Pen Art creations Barbara has put together using 3D filaments.

3D Pen Art
3D Pen Art
3D Pen Art
3D Pen Art

It was great speaking to Barbara and we look forward to seeing more of her fantastic art in the future. If you liked this Q & A why not check out our ‘Q & A WITH A YOGA TEACHER’ blog.